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This is good. 

This is the best way I have seen to use a frozen lake...

Art Shanty Projects is a four weekend exhibiton/artist residency/installation/event that happens in January - Feburary at Medicine Lake near Minneapolis.  Artists there use ice fishing hut-like structures to create installations that engage community and audience on other wise unused space, the frozen lake. 



I am in crazy love with this idea. There aren't enough interactive art happenings in the snow, I'm always struggling to get my art fill in the winter months. This just seems like big time fun!

For me art shanty projects is reminicent of nuit blanche. On a smaller scale of course, and with a more counrty less city flair, but like nuit blanche it converses with the public in an unexpected place... but in my opinion it seems 100 times cooler (than Toronto's nuit blanche that is, which repetedly falls short for me).  It's too bad something like this could never happen in Toronto. I would love to have it happen in my home town (Penetanguishene). Maybe it could find it's way into Penetang's exsisting winter festival 'Winterama', amongst the cardboard toboggan races and hockey tournaments. I might be on to something. I want to be a part of this project.At the very least, I think art shanty projects warrants a road trip to Minneapolis for me next January.

hut 2


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